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I'm fundraising for the Boston Marathon because I believe so strongly in all the good things Boston Children's Hospital does for kids and their families.  I am running in support of two children: Tess and Sam.

Our daughter, Tess, has multiple disabilities -- visual impairment, motor delays, and communication delays.  There is no syndrome or disease that fits Tess.  At Boston Children's Hospital, that just doesn't matter.  Her doctors and providers aren't intimidated by her complex medical problems.  They see Tess for who she is and treat her like the special little girl she is.

In January, Tess had a 4 hour surgery on her hips and is recovering well. She's had a total of 3 surgeries and spent 4 and a half months in a full body cast to correct her hip dysplasia.  She's a tough little lady!

This fall, my newborn nephew, Sam, contracted a life-threatening case of enterovirus.  He recovered from overwhelming infection, but unfortunately the virus caused acute liver failure.  He was transferred to Boston Children's Hospital.  On November 15, Sam received a liver transplant and a second chance at life.  The care Sam and his parents have received has been world class.  At 30 days old, he was the 3rd youngest baby ever to get a liver transplant at Boston Children's Hospital.  He is now home in Portland, Maine and doing well!  

We are so grateful for all the care that Tess and Sam have received at Boston Children's Hospital.  Words cannot express how much this marathon means to me as a mother, aunt, physician, and runner.

Please consider making a donation to Boston Children's Hospital.  100% of your donation goes straight to the hospital and is tax-deductable.

Do it for kids.

Thank you!