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2018 Eversource Walk for Boston Children's Hospital

Sunday, June 10, 2018 | 45 Days to Go!

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Raised So Far: $873.00

Fundraising Goal: $2,500.00

Why We Walk

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2018 Walk

Its not the size of the person in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the person!!!!
Its not the size of the person in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the person!!!!

Alanna's Army

Its not the size of the person in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the person!!!!


Let's talk a little bit about our daughter Alanna Isabela she has been a sassy little thing since before she was even born. Threw ultrasounds we were informed that we were going to face some challenges once she was born. What complicated things even more so is that Alanna came 5 weeks early. So now we had this fragile premie in the NICU and at just 13 days old underwent surgery the biggest shoutout to doctor Terry Buckmiller. Thank you for being you. You are beyond amazing from your work to your bedside manner.There are not words in this world to start to thank the doctors,nurses,therapists and this hospital in general they cared for our baby girl for her first 39 days of life and we could not be more grateful. So this is why we choose to walk and to raise money to give back to them. Alanna's Army is made up of all of her family that has also been by her side since the beginnng without all of them we would have not been able to get threw this very difficult time and come out on top with this thriving amazing little girl.


We're fundraising on behalf of Boston Children's Hospital because:

WE BELIEVE no parent should experience the loss of a child.

WE BELIEVE no sibling should have to watch their brother or sister suffer.

WE BELIEVE that by investing in the best doctors and scientists we can save lives -today!

WE BELIEVE that donations received before today helped a child we love and

WE BELIEVE that every dollar we raise for Boston children's Hospital will have a ripple effect and could be THE dollar that changes everything for a future family in crisis.

Please consider a donation to support our fundraising efforts... because WE KNOW that when we band together, WE WILL help fund Boston Children's exception care and groundbreaking research that can help every child.

Support the hospital by joining our team or making a gift to one of our team members.

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