Featured Presenter

Shiva Rea

Founder of Prana Vinyasa, dedicated to sacred activism and an innovator in the evolution of Vinyasa yoga around the world. Shiva integrates the roots of vinyasa, yoga, ayurveda and tantra in creative and life-transforming online courses, workshops, retreats and trainings. She is dedicated to the power of our natural intelligence within the body and the power of movement to make positive changes and bring communities together.

New England Presenters

Jacqui Bonwell

Dubbed the “Spiritual Mother of New England,” Jacqui began studying yoga after a decade in social work. A 7-time presenter at Yoga Reaches Out, Jacqui brings humor, heart, and soul into every aspect of her life and teaching.

Courtney Dutch

Courtney has studied with master yoga teachers and energy workers since 1998. Her intention is to help students feel more grounded, empowered, and open in order to live joyfully.

Lauren D'Angelo

With 10 years of practice, Lauren’s classes focus on creating space physically, mentally and emotionally. As an avid athlete, Lauren focuses on yoga’s ability to help understand our bodies while learning to cultivate strength.

Kadri Kurgun

Kadri is an internationally renowned teacher, photographer and guide of yoga. For over 30 years, Kadri has brought presence, compassion, and tender lightheartedness to everything he does.

Mike Massey

From football star to yoga guru, Mike has overcome challenges through the power of breath and a vision for a better future. From lock up facilities to charter schools, Mike brings yoga to communities across the Boston area.

Sami Lea Lipman

Yogi, designer, and teacher Sami turned to yoga to give her strength and relief from harrowing experiences and trauma. Sami’s classes mix creatively challenging sequencing with candid rawness.

Master of Ceremonies

David Vendetti

Yoga allows David to be who he is without struggle. David co-owns and teaches at South Boston Yoga, and was awarded the Best of Boston by Boston Magazine in 2005 and 2011.

Musical Guest

Kevin Paris

LA based singer-songwriter, hug dealer and yoga musician, Kevin tours the world performing his feel-good music. A pioneer in the realm of yoga and live music, he’s played for over 1,000 yoga classes.

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