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What is the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup?
The Corporate Cup promotes fun and friendly competition amongst the business community through a series of field day events while raising funds for Boston Children’s Hospital. Teams compete for points in activities that include a plank challenge, obstacle courses, rowing and more. Companies tell us the fun-filled day boosts teamwork, wellness, and makes their people proud to support an amazing cause. The day ends with a party to celebrate and announce the winners!

Who can participate?

Teams of up to 20 employees from corporations and small and large businesses are welcomed. Each company is limited to three teams.

How do I participate?

If your company already has a team and captain, you can join the team. Interested in starting a team? Register as a team captain.

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Why should I fundraise?

Fundraise because you can save lives. While you prepare to face-off on the field, kids at Boston Children’s are facing tough battles of their own. Just by asking friends and family for support you can give kids a lifesaving edge! Fundraising isn’t required, but we make it easier for you with tools to help you help kids.

What is the fundraising minimum?

We suggest a fundraising minimum of $200 per participant—and we provide tools to help you get there; including an online fundraising page and support from a Boston Children’s staff member.

What are the incentives for fundraising?

You mean besides helping save kids’ lives? Well, top individual and team fundraisers receive event-day perks—our way of saying “you rock!”

Where does the money go?

All the money raised will make an impact through the Every Child Fund at Boston Children’s Hospital—healing children, helping families, and fueling lifesaving research for every child. See what else the Every Child Fund supports

Where do I send proceeds?

Encourage your supporters to donate online through your personal fundraising page. If your donors prefer to write a check, make checks payable to Boston Children’s Hospital and mail to:

Boston Children's Hospital Corporate Cup - Boston
Attn. Mark ElBach
401 Park Dr. Suite 602
Boston, MA 02215
Please include a note clearly identifying the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup participant that the donation should be credited to. Allow 7-10 business days for the check donation to be reflected on your personal fundraising page.

How do I access my Fundraising Center?

Login with the username and password you created when registering online. Be sure to customize your personal fundraising page—you raise more if you do. You can also send emails to family and friends asking them to support your drive for Corporate Cup glory.

Can Boston Children’s Hospital issue tax receipts to my donors?

Yup. All online donors will get a receipt via email. Boston Children’s will issue IRS-compliant, charitable, tax receipts to the full extent of the law only if a check donation of $250 or more is made payable directly to Boston Children’s along with detailed contact information of the donor. Issuing an inappropriate receipt can put our charitable tax status in jeopardy; please don’t promise any kind of receipts.

Should I send a personal thank you letter or card to my donors?

Absolutely! It’s important to thank those who support your efforts. Use your Fundraising Center to send thank you emails or write your own and send through the mail.

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What is a Fundraising Center?

It’s your portal to fundraising success. Use your Fundraising Center to communicate with potential supporters, update your fundraising and team pages, track your fundraising progress, and more. Need help? Check out our Fundraising Center Guide.

How do I get a Fundraising Center?

All participants automatically get one when they register. Once you register we’ll email you the link to access your Fundraising Center and your login credentials.

Can I personalize my page?

Absolutely! The more personal your page, the more effective it is. Upload your own photo, update the page header, add your own personal content, and share why you’re fundraising for Boston Children’s Hospital.

How do people donate to my page?

Picture it. People visit your page, read your inspiring message, and immediately click the “Give Now” button. The link takes them to an online form that allows them to:

  • Give any amount (over $5) by credit card
  • Contribute anonymously
  • Include a message to you
Plus, an email note of gratitude is automatically sent to everyone who makes an online donation to you.

What else can I do with my page?

You can build an email address book, send personal messages to potential supporters, and a lot more. You can also track your donors and their mailing addresses to make sending a thank you note easy!

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