Welcome to Kevin Sturtevant's Page

Dear Friends,

I'm writing to tell you an amazing story about my son, Sam, about the hospital that saved his life, and to ask for your support so that other children can be as fortunate as Sam has been.

Sam has had a rocky start.  Two days after arriving home from the delivery room,  Moe and I moved with increasing speed from our pediatrician's office, to the ER, to the NICU at our local hospital, where we would later learn that a virus (Enterovirus) had infected Sam's blood and all but destroyed his liver.  At 16 days old, Sam was transferred to Boston Children's Hospital for consultation.  Two weeks later, at just thirty days old, Sam was wheeled into the operating room at Boston Children's where he would undergo a 13-hour surgery en route to becoming the third-youngest liver transplant recipient at Boston Children's Hospital.  Stated as a simple, unfathomable sentence, without the specialized care that Sam received at Boston Children's Hospital, he would not be alive today. 

And he is not alone.  Boston Children's Hospital offers some of the most specialized pediatric care of any hospital in the country, with top rankings to prove it.  They routinely offer children and families the possibility of hope where other hospitals cannot.  I know this, of course, because they did it for us.

And so, in light of this, I ask that you join me in supporting and providing hope for those families.  On April 21st I will be running the 2014 Boston Marathon as part of the Boston Children's Hospital marathon team.  I never thought I'd run a marathon, but I also never thought I'd find myself here, at Boston Children's, watching my son sleep peacefully, healthy for the first time in his life after almost two months of fighting.  Please consider making a donation to my page.  %100 of donations go to areas of greatest need at Boston Children's.  To thank you for your support is not enough, but it will have to suffice until we can see you in person, and introduce you to Sam, and give you a hug.

Much love and gratitude,

Kevin, Moe, and Sam